May 27, 2014 Centercon Team

It’s not difficult to fall in love with Brickell Homes owned by Center con. They posses all the positive attributes that make them perfect for human habitation. There are no pretenses at all with Centercon’s Brickell Homes. They’re down to earth, but that doesn’t mean they’re bland. They look simple and yet they manage to outshine even the best of what others have to offer. It’s the result of perfect planning.



Centercon wants their Brickell Homes to look distinct and unique, separate from the usual and yet blend well with its natural surroundings; never extravagant but imbued with an aesthetic demeanor which is unmistakably their very own.
Centercon Team

Making their Brickell Homes look superb and terrific is just one aspect of Centercon’s all embracing plan for their precious real estates. Another one is something that you can’t see but know that it’s in there. You’re right. They’re made of highly durable and strong materials. These Brickell Homes will last several lifetimes and your investment is well spent.

And there’s something else which you may not perceive with your eyes immediately, not until you realize that it exists. I’d like to make a surprise but since I’ve mentioned it already I might as well reveal it to you. You may observe right away the beauty of the interior of Brickell Homes; but more than that, all the spaces are well utilized. You’re going to be impressed by how everything is in their proper place and when you need to use them you’ll find it convenient and practical.

And of course you get to enjoy the amenities that are part of living on Centercon’s Brickell Homes. You’re never far from what makes your life revolve. The shopping centers, saunas, swimming pools, entertainment hubs, the metropolis, nightlife and transportation are all within a comfortable distance. The idea of Brickell Homes is to bring the things that you need closer to you instead of living in isolated places and having to commute for long periods all the time.

Living far from the urban centers is not Centercon’s idea of living in an exclusive place. That’s the old notion and is very inconvenient. Brickell Homes are very exclusive indeed and yet they’re near to everything that you need.

They’re safe and free from the noise of the city. The construction of Brickell Homes makes this possible even if you’re in the middle of the city, which is what living should be. You’re still afforded privacy. It’s the modern way of living, thanks to Centercon. The idea of modern living is to give you all the convenience nearest you possible.

These Brickell Homes are available according to how you want them. You can rent them for your family, choosing the right size that fits how many family members you have. They’re also magnificent as vacation houses. You can choose those which have a stunning view of the bay or of the downtown area. You can buy them which is more economical in the long run. Give us a call or email us for your inquiries and you’ll get an immediate reply.

Centercon’s Brickell Homes are the epitome of what modern living should be.


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